January 26, 2007

That was easy!

This is NOT a free (or paid) advertisement for Staples, but I did receive one of their Easy Buttons for Christmas. I've stumbled into a couple of wonderfully ironic moments to use it.

Like one day at work after two coworkers both labored through a list of numbers multiple times to determine why they couldn't balance. They called me over, thinking perhaps Excel wasn't calculating correctly. I verified the formula, questioned the total they were seeking to balance to, and made them swear that all the numbers they typed were correct. "I've gone through it seven times," one of the them said. Just for kicks, I decided to scan through the numbers myself, and within 15 seconds, I found the error. They were grateful, I was magnanimous, and I returned to my desk. When I got there, I realized I had brought my Easy Button to work with me that day. So I slipped back to my coworker's desk, pushed the button, and when the deep male voice said, "That was easy!" she snarled. "You're a brat!" she proclaimed. (Even magnanimity has its limits.)

Lately, I've wanted to hit the Easy Button every time I have to type in one of those word verification entries. Is it just me, or does it EVER work on the first try? I set myself up for this classy illustration, but after I snapped the photo, I tried to type it in for real, and I had to redo it twice!

Oh, how I wish my Easy Button really worked! Have you had a moment this week when you would have liked to borrow my Easy Button?


Erin said...

Man, I needed an Easy Button yesterday!
Took my three kids shopping at the Super Wal-Mart for over an hour.
Got up to the checkout and ALL the computers crashed.
"We're sorry Wal-Mart shoppers, our computer system is down and will require 15 to 20 minutes to re-boot. We apologize for the inconvenience."
My 2 year old was sitting on the floor sucking her thumb (waaaaaay past her naptime!) and the other two were asking me what we were going to do with all of our frozen groceries.
We put the cold stuff back.
We went home empty-handed.
Baby girl took her nap.
I went back again this evening... ALONE.

And I don't like Wal-Mart enough to be there twice in 2 months, let alone 2 DAYS.

Gimme that Easy Button!

For now... said...

I am not much of a cook and could've used the easy button to make a meal for a friend who was sick! I agree with you on the verification codes, what's up with them?

Charity Singleton said...

Erin -- Almost all of my Wal-Mart trips (which are getting fewer and fewer, indeed) go like that. It's a truth universally agreed upon that the nearest Wal-Mart to my home is the WORST Wal-Mart in America.

For now... -- I'm sure the meal turned out lovely because you were cooking with such kind intentions. (Though you could have just as kindly pushed the Easy Button, and . . . VOILA!)

I'm just about to type the word verification button to post this comment, and 5 bucks says it doesn't go through on the first try.

Charity Singleton said...

I was wrong. Maybe I've finally pushed the Easy Button enough times. My word verification on the first message went through on the first try. I will NOT, however, be reporting on the success or failure of the word verification attempts of this comment! (Enough already. Right?)

L.L. Barkat said...

Can I take it with me tomorrow, when I interview an organic farmer for a live workshop we're doing?

(Maybe I won't need it... he is one of the coolest farmers I've ever known... not that I've known many, but still.)

Al Hsu said...

I think the word verification thing is that if you take too long to write a comment, it automatically makes you verify with a fresh word. I notice that if I post a short comment, it can go through on the first try because the page has not been open long. But type more than a few sentences, and I'll need to redo it.

Charity Singleton said...

Al -- Great observation skills. You know, I think I've experienced the same thing, but hadn't put it together as a "rule of thumb." Thanks for the tip.

Laura -- How did the interview with the farmer go?

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