About Me

Charity Singleton was raised in the farming community of Greencastle, Indiana. She has spent most of her life in Indiana, except for the time she spent in Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston.

Other than believing in Jesus and loving her family and friends, writing is the only thing she has done consistently most of her life. Her writing is deeply influenced by looking at the world from a Christian perspective, even when the topics may not always be of a "Christian" or "religious" nature.

She began writing poems and short stories as a young child and realized writing was a life's call at some point in high school. Charity attended Taylor University, majoring in Mass Communications, and she initially pursued a career in journalism, spending just over a year as a reporter for her hometown newspaper, the Banner-Graphic.

Since that stint, Charity's primary outlet for writing has been freelance and volunteer projects, including several articles published in Discipleship Journal magazine, Curator Magazine, TS Poetry, and the High Calling, where she also serves as a Content Editor. A cancer diagnosis in 2007 has given Charity a new story to tell.

In the meantime, Charity lives in Indianapolis, worships and fellowships at College Park Church, frequents Lulu's Electric Cafe, dabbles in watercolor and acrylic painting, and works at a medical billing company as a data analyst and trainer.
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